Best Backpacking Tents of 2018 – Lightweight 2-Person Tents

Exploring Tent is one of the basic open air outfits that you have to hit the track. Choosing the correct hiking tent can guarantee solace, wellbeing and pleasure in your outing. When you go to the market, you will locate an immense accumulation of tents: some are three-season tents( for spring, summer and fall), some are four-season tents (winter tents)., some are lightweight where some are overwhelming and strong. Best backpacking Tents 2018 You need to pick the tent in view of your requests. Be that as it may, when you attempt to choose a knapsack you have to look on the accompanying things:

  • Limit – what number of individuals can rest
  • Regularity – in light of climate (3 seasons and 4 seasons tent)
  • Weight – the heaviness of the rucksack, for example, lightweight versus substantial which incorporates protect, knapsack, dozing pack and resting cushion
  • Bearableness – accommodation and solace in light of the tent highlights
  • Cost – the value run
  • Entryways – the quantity of entryways, and so forth.

Crafted by choice is more difficult as the patterns and styles are changing step by step. The tents are getting created, lighter and costly. Regardless of whether you are picking the agreeable or lightweight tent, the article shows the best suggestion for you. We have audited and tried in excess of 35 tents and present the best exploring tents of 2018 with the goal that you can pick the correct one for you in light of your cost, request and need from the accessible alternatives.

1. NEMO Dragger 2P:

  • Weight: 3 lbs 5 oz
  • Texture: PU Nylon Ripstop
  • Floor Dimension: 90 x 50 inches or 31 sq ft
  • Number of entryways: 2 ( two)
  • Shading: Green


  • Lightweight yet solid
  • Simple to overlay and simple setup and effectively packable
  • Agreeable
  • Made with Ripstop Nylon that makes the tent safe.
  • Ideal for blustery climate
  • Open tent makes the outdoors less demanding
  • Wind safe lower sidewalls
  • Expansive Vestibule (Trapezoidal) give adequate capacity to your apparatuses
  • The internal tent incorporates an inherent protection board for wellbeing
  • Incorporate Overhead light pockets
  • Resting limit: 2 man


  • Costly

NEMO Dragger 2 is the best case of lightweight hiking tents with heaps of highlights. In the event that you would prefer not to trade off the highlights however need to choose the lightweight exploring tents, you ought to pick NEMO Dragger 2.

Texture material: The texture of the tent is lightweight however sturdy that guarantees life span. The tent is ideal for the breezy climate in light of the utilization of the 15D Ripstop Fabric (a sort of woven texture which is made of nylon) that makes it safe and tearing. The overhead light pocket is made with exceptional light diffusing texture so it can cast an even gleam all through the tent.

Extensive and large: The tent is extremely open and guarantees comfort. The width of the tent is 50 inch where the length is 90 inch. That implies within the tent is exceptionally spacious. The two expansive entryways, breezy work with wind safe sidewalls give solace and wellbeing. The two vast vestibules give additional space to your apparatuses and cooking.

Simple setup: The double stage stuff sack fits the tent and shafts and modifies littler to pack the tent further and split the heap.

We adore the style, development, utility of the tent. It guarantees head execution and solace however it is somewhat expensive. In any case, another rendition of the tent, NEMO Dragger 3P (for three individuals), is likewise accessible that you can pick on the off chance that you require more space.

2. MSR Hubba NX 2:

  • Weight: 3 lbs 5 oz
  • Texture: denier nylon
  • Floor Dimensions: 90 × 50 inches
  • Shading: Red
  • Number of Doors: 2


  • Ultra-light
  • Ultra conservative framework
  • Detached
  • Great ventilation and gives vaporous agreeable inside
  • Two entryways
  • Two separate quick and light pitch choices
  • Extensive and sufficiently durable to endure a rainstorm
  • High pinnacle will enable you to sit inside the tent


  • Expensive for the end of the week hikers (around $400).
  • Not exceptionally tough
  • Utilize low quality stakes

This rucksack is for the genuine hikers who love to movement long separations. It is likewise for the general population who have enough spending plans for their knapsacks. We trust that MSR Hubba NX 2 can be extraordinary compared to other hiking tents of 2018 that you may decide for long voyaging in view of its sturdiness and quality. The tent incorporates two entryways, spacious inside, and rainfly vents and venting vestibules that assistance to make a dry, agreeable inside.

The tent likewise accompanies an ultralight pressure sack that enables you to gather the pack rapidly.

3. Enormous Agnes Copper Super HV UL2:

  • Least weight:2 lbs. 12 oz.
  • Texture: Ripstop Nylon and Polyester work
  • Floor Dimensions: 88 x 52/42 inches or 29 square ft.
  • Number of Doors:2
  • Shading: Gray/Orange


  • Unsupported
  • Enormous entryways and vestibules
  • Sufficiently extensive to endure a drawn out tempest
  • Simple to set-up and pack-up
  • The pinnacle stature enables you to effortlessly sit inside the tent
  • Better ventilation
  • Great entryway zippers


  • Made with thin material
  • Exorbitant

Huge Agnes Copper Super HV UL2 is the case of the ideal blend of lightweight, comfort, and extensive tent. It is sufficiently light to convey yet sufficiently tough to battle against the stormy climate. The unsupported tent has twofold divider and close vertical side dividers. It likewise incorporates two entryways, vestibules and inward stashes that give additional solace and space to open air gears. The 2-tone work guarantees security while taking into consideration stargazing straightforwardness. The tent is intended to amplify quality and to build space with the goal that the client can unwind pleasantly.

4. Hilleberg Niak:

  • Least weight: 1.5 kg/3 Ibs. 5 oz.
  • External tent texture: Kerlon ( 1000)
  • Floor Dimensions: 28 square ft.
  • Number of entryways: 2
  • Shading: Green/Red/Sand


  • Ideal for blustery and crisp climate.
  • The lightest tent from the brand (just 1.7 Kg)
  • Solid and tough
  • Incorporates related however isolated internal and external tent for synchronous pitching.
  • Both internal and external tent can be utilized independently.
  • The internal tent can be supplanted with work inward tent.


  • Most costly brand in the market with a gauge cost of $795
  • Not famous for incredible ventilators
  • Not happy in the late spring
  • Less advantageous side entryway plan

Hilleberg is a prestigious Swedish brand that offers high – quality costly hiking tents. Among the accessible alternatives, we have chosen the model Hilleberg Niak as it is ideal for two individuals and covers all the vital highlights.

Hilleberg Niak is a ultralight, flexible, and three-season tent that offers simple setup and pressing. Outdoor Analysis The Swedish organization is well known for making additional conventional intense tents. When you have rested in the tent, it is hard for you to switch different tents. In view of the texture quality, the tent is extraordinary for rain and twist yet isn’t happy for summer.