A Brief Look At Microsoft Office Setup Followed By Simple Features Of Office

Microsoft products are adored and taken into immense use all over the world. Microsoft office needs no introduction and its various software like Microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, one note, etc have found usage in every mobile world.  Now with the updated or in fact new version of Microsoft i.e. Microsoft 2016 has been instilled with many new features, it has made three the work easier and much faster than before. But before we look at the features, we shed a glance over important steps of Microsoft office setup.

Product key; Most essential:

The procedure to download the Microsoft office is very simple and all you need is a Microsoft office setup and a product key. The product key is very important because the software won`t run without the product key. Also, you need to check the system requirements before completing the download process. office.com to download the 64 bit version of the office, you need to download the software properly:

  1. First go to the office.com/signin page and sign on the Microsoft account and use the account you are using the new Microsoft office setup
  2. Select the install office option
  3. After the install, click on save, run, setups and save file from bottom of screen.

Features of Microsoft office:

Being an avid Microsoft user, you may be well aware of the fact that each time, new features are added and updated in the Microsoft office every time.  Distinctive features are added in the Microsoft office to increase the productivity of the product each time. So enlisting some of the features below:

  • Additional ribbon buttons- the additional ribbon buttons feature lets you archive your favorite items in the outlook with the single click now. Moreover, now browsing and adding groups has become a lot more simple now. For doing this thing quickly, right click and customize the ribbon.
  • Enhanced collaboration- `with enhanced collaboration now, it becomes easier to give in comments and shares in power point and word. Additionally, you can also see the quick version documents on the activity button
  • Mentions- to capture the attention of someone more quickly, Microsoft outlook 2016 has also added a new feature known as Microsoft mention. When you compose an email or a calendar invitation in set up, you can type the @ symbol along with the first few letters and the person`s name into the body of the system.
  • Improved connections- connections have also been improved in the updated versions of Microsoft 2016. With this feature, you can now import various data files from SAP HANA, databases and sharepoints different folders.
  • Publishing to docs.com- few features included in the 2016 Microsoft feature are available in multiple applications also. One such feature is ability for publishing documents on the docs.com.
  • Publish to power through BI- Power Bi, is a new service that that can easily transform the data into various interactive reports now. Now using the business dashboards now, you can now analyze, setup, and build models easily.
  • Researcher- this tool is perfect for handling of term papers or business searching operations.